Here at Caris Robson we take pride in the fact that our personal service incorporates the time-honoured tradition of the family solicitor. We build life-long relationships with our clients and we are problem solvers, here to help you with legal advice you can trust and rely on.  As a client of ours you will have an individual relationship with one solicitor, rather than being passed from one person to another.

We also appreciate that each individual client has their own specific need for seeking legal advice. That is why we will work closely with you to provide the best legal support, always explained in a way that is easy to understand.

We also work to make sure that any issue is resolved as quickly as possible, with the minimum amount of stress. By providing you with this dedicated one-to-one service, we hope that the anxiety associated with big life events such as moving house, buying a property for the first time, managing legal matters after the death of a loved one, organising your own last wishes or dealing with sensitive family matters, such as separation and relationship breakdown, is minimised.

In addition, our company and commercial law services are all about you and what your business needs to compete and grow.  As your trusted advisers, we will get to grips with what you do and find the best way to tackle legal challenges. Your business may be any size in any sector, but we will have the commercial awareness and innovative thinking you need.

Finally, when a business or individual is at odds with another party, it can be a stressful situation which requires understanding, diplomacy and knowledge of the legal implications. Our experience in the field of dispute resolution means that we can follow the fastest and most economic route to try and achieve the result you are looking for.


Solicitors Regulation Authority(SRA)

The SRA has partnered with Yoshki Ltd to develop a secure digital badge using the Yoshki Digital Smart Logo service.

The SRA digital badge allows members of the public to easily identify that a website they are visiting belongs to a genuine SRA regulated firm. It will also provide visitors with easy access to information on the protections the firms’ regulated status provides to them.

Thanks to the software through which the badge is provided, only SRA regulated firms can use the digital badge.

By using the digital badge, the SRA can help the public make more informed choices and protect the online identity of firms.

Caris Robson LLP’s SRA Number is 460694

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